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About Us:

Welcome to QuotesPoetry.com, a digital sanctuary of profound Urdu quotes, heartwarming poetry, and spiritual teachings. At QuotesPoetry.com, we strive to kindle emotions, inspire minds, and foster a deep connection with the beauty of the Urdu language.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an online platform that celebrates the rich heritage of Urdu literature, presenting it in a contemporary and accessible way for readers across the globe. We aim to touch hearts and minds, empowering individuals with the wisdom, solace, and joy found in the verses of renowned poets and scholars.

Meet the Founder

about us quotes and poetry

Muhammad Bilal: At the heart of QuotesPoetry.com is our founder, Muhammad Bilal, a passionate individual with an unwavering commitment to preserving and promoting the art of Urdu expression. Currently pursuing an LLB Sharia degree at Islamia College University, Peshawar, Muhammad Bilal’s profound love for Urdu literature and Islamic teachings led him to embark on this remarkable journey.

Muhammad Bilal’s deep appreciation for Urdu poetry and the teachings of Islam inspired him to create a platform that could bring together these two powerful elements. He envisioned QuotesPoetry.com as a bridge between the traditional beauty of Urdu language and the modern digital age, reaching individuals far and wide.

Contact Muhammad Bilal

For any inquiries, collaborations, or feedback, we encourage you to get in touch with Muhammad Bilal. You can reach him at:

Contact Number: +923438924571

Email: mbksofficial01@gmail.com

Join Us in Our Endeavor: We invite you to be a part of this enriching journey as we continue to curate an ever-expanding collection of Urdu quotes and poetry, and present them in visually captivating ways. Whether you seek solace in sad verses, inspiration in Islamic teachings, or the enchantment of romantic poetry, QuotesPoetry.com offers something for every soul.

Thank you for being a part of QuotesPoetry.com. Together, let us celebrate the timeless beauty of Urdu language and the profound wisdom it holds. As we grow and evolve, your support and feedback are invaluable to us. Join us on this soulful expedition as we delve into the enchanting world of Urdu literature and embark on a quest to touch hearts, one verse at a time.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet impactful – to spread positivity, wisdom, and enlightenment through the beauty of Urdu Poetry and quotes. We aim to provide a platform where people can find solace, guidance, and motivation in their daily lives by connecting with the essence of meaningful Urdu quotes.


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Urdu Quotes: Discover the profound wisdom and thought-provoking insights encapsulated in our extensive collection of Urdu quotes. Our handpicked selection of quotes from renowned poets, scholars, and thinkers will inspire, enlighten, and resonate with your soul.

Islamic Quotes in Urdu: Nurture your spirituality with our enriching Islamic quotes in Urdu. Delve into the teachings of Islam, encapsulated in beautiful words, to find guidance, solace, and a deeper connection to your faith.

Sad Quotes in Urdu: Life’s journey isn’t always filled with sunshine, and for those moments of melancholy, we offer a tender collection of sad quotes in Urdu. Let these words be a companion during difficult times and provide you with comfort.

Love Quotes in Urdu: Love knows no boundaries, and in the language of Urdu, it finds its most beautiful expression. Explore the depths of affection and passion through our heartfelt love quotes in Urdu, painting a canvas of emotions.

Best Quotes in Urdu: Only the finest words find a place in our best quotes collection. With profound meanings and eloquent language, these quotes will leave an indelible impression on your heart and mind.

Friendship Quotes in Urdu: Cherish the bonds of friendship with our heartwarming friendship quotes in Urdu. Celebrate the beauty of companionship and the joy of having true friends by your side.

Hazrat Ali Quotes in Urdu: Draw inspiration from the wise teachings of Hazrat Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) as we present his profound quotes in Urdu. Let his wisdom guide you through life’s challenges.

Islamic Quotes in Urdu Images and Wallpapers: Immerse yourself in the visual beauty of Islamic quotes with our captivating images and wallpapers. These soul-stirring visuals complement the depth of the messages they carry.

Islamic Quotes in Urdu Text: In the simplicity of text, lies the essence of our Islamic quotes. Explore the power of concise expressions that carry profound meanings and lessons from the Quran and Hadith.

Sad Quotes About Life in Urdu: Life’s trials can leave us feeling lost and disheartened. Our collection of sad quotes about life in Urdu will resonate with your emotions and offer solace during trying times.

Motivational Quotes in Urdu: Embrace the spirit of determination and perseverance with our motivational quotes in Urdu. Let these words ignite a fire within, inspiring you to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness.

Best Islamic Quotes in Urdu: Discover the true essence of Islam with our collection of best Islamic quotes in Urdu. These words of wisdom will instill in you a deeper understanding of faith and spirituality.

Life Quotes in Urdu: Life is a precious gift, and our life quotes in Urdu celebrate its beauty and complexities. Delve into the philosophical aspects of existence and find meaning in the ordinary.

Best Quotes About Life in Urdu: Unearth profound insights about life through our collection of the best quotes in Urdu. Reflect on the journey of life and gain a deeper understanding of its mysteries.

Quotes in Urdu About Life Reality: Embrace the reality of life with our thought-provoking quotes in Urdu. These words will challenge your perspective and provide clarity on the true nature of existence.

Friendship Quotes in English: In addition to Urdu, we also celebrate friendship with a selection of heartfelt friendship quotes in English. Language shouldn’t be a barrier when it comes to expressing love and appreciation for friends.

Love Poetry in Urdu: Indulge in the magic of love through our enchanting love poetry in Urdu. Let the rhythmic verses take you on a journey of romance, passion, and devotion.

Allama Iqbal Poetry in Urdu: Experience the profound poetry of Allama Iqbal, one of the greatest poets and philosophers of Urdu literature. His verses reflect intellectual depth and spiritual enlightenment.

Funny Poetry in Urdu: Laughter is the best medicine, and our collection of funny poetry in Urdu is sure to bring a smile to your face. Enjoy lighthearted moments with our humorous verses.

Romantic Poetry in Urdu: Love takes on a poetic form in Urdu, and our romantic poetry collection embodies the essence of love and romance. Lose yourself in the enchanting world of emotions.

Urdu Text Poetry: For poetry enthusiasts who cherish the beauty of simple words, our Urdu text poetry collection is a treasure trove of emotions and expressions, skillfully woven together.

Attitude Poetry in Urdu: Embrace your individuality and spirit with our attitude poetry in Urdu. Unleash the power of self-confidence and determination with verses that exude charisma.

Friendship Poetry in Urdu: Celebrate the bond of friendship with our heartfelt friendship poetry in Urdu. Express your love and appreciation for friends through the beauty of poetic words.

Islamic Poetry in Urdu: Experience the divine love through our Islamic poetry in Urdu. Let the verses uplift your spirit and connect you with the Almighty.

Deep Poetry in Urdu: Discover the depths of emotions with our soulful collection of deep poetry in Urdu. These verses will touch your heart and leave an everlasting impact.

Sad Poetry in Urdu Text: Feel the intensity of sorrow and longing through our sad poetry in Urdu text. These heartrending verses capture the essence of emotions in their purest form.

Father Poetry in Urdu: Celebrate the unconditional love of fathers with our touching father poetry in Urdu. Pay tribute to the guiding light in your life through these heartfelt verses.

Mother Poetry in Urdu: A mother’s love knows no bounds, and our mother poetry in Urdu pays homage to the most nurturing and selfless love of all.

One Line Urdu Poetry: Experience the magic of brevity with our one-line Urdu poetry. In just a few words, these verses convey volumes of emotions and meaning.

Maa Poetry in Urdu: A mother’s love is divine, and our Maa poetry in Urdu is a heartfelt tribute to this extraordinary bond. Let these verses resonate with your affectionate memories.

Rain Poetry in Urdu: Embrace the beauty of nature with our evocative rain poetry in Urdu. Let the rhythmic verses take you on a journey of rain-soaked emotions.

Urdu Poetry on Beauty: Appreciate the splendor of life with our Urdu poetry on beauty. Delve into the magnificence of the world through the eloquence of poetic expressions.

Iqbal Poetry in Urdu 2 Lines: Discover the brilliance of Allama Iqbal’s poetry in just two lines. These profound verses will leave you contemplating the deeper meaning of life.

One Line Poetry in Urdu Text: Experience the power of concise expressions with our one-line poetry in Urdu text. These words will linger in your heart and mind, leaving a lasting impact.


QuotesPoetry.com is all about my love for Urdu language and the magic it weaves through beautiful quotes and soulful poetry. I created this website with a passion to share the profound wisdom and heartfelt emotions that Urdu literature holds.

Through QuotesPoetry.com, I want to touch the hearts of people from different walks of life, providing comfort in times of sadness, inspiration in moments of doubt, and celebration of love and friendship. It’s a place where emotions find their voice, and souls connect through the power of words.